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I started looking for sex workers long before I got to Kenya.I scoured Google, Facebook, Twitter—I even stumbled upon a message board made by foreign men looking for the “freshest” girls in the country.

A KASH field officer who was leading the meeting with Aluna assured the woman that “KASH will be there to defend you.” KASH has modest funding and a staff of only 12, but one lawyer and a few paralegals are among them, precisely for cases like this one. They come as customers, ask for a price, then they start beating.” The KASH officer offered some practical guidance: “When they pick you [up], call us and we will come.” Later, she snapped pictures of the victim’s swollen eye and the abrasions on her face and neck.

I wasn’t exactly shocked by Aluna’s answer: “Money.” She needed it when she was 12 years old and a man propositioned her on a bus.

And she still needed it when we met, so she could support her five kids.

When a pregnant woman arrived late, someone gave up a coveted plastic chair. Some yawned; Aluna told me most of them work from about 5 p.m. Aluna and Algah explained my presence in the local dialect, Luo, and each woman introduced herself.

Then Aluna asked the group if they’d faced any challenges since their last meeting.

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